Independent Student Loan Consulting


Information for Financial Advisors

Thank you for your interest in PGPresents.

We are proud members of the Financial Planning Association and well understand that the effective management of an individual’s student loan portfolio is but one piece of their larger financial picture. However, it is an extremely important one and we can help your clients ensure they make sound decisions about student loan repayment as part of their overall financial strategy, regardless of their degree program and career plans.

We can also help them understand how to adapt their repayment strategy based on significant events such as job changes and changes to marital and family status.

Should you be interested in securing our help for your clients, please have them contact us directly regarding a consultation. Our marquee PG On-Call® service is the most personalized of its kind in the country. Your clients can find information on this unique service on our website at either Help for Non-Medical School Graduates or Help for Medical Residents and Fellows.

We greatly appreciate your referrals and while we welcome your involvement, please note that all consultations are done with the borrower and all requested information for the consultations must come from the borrower themselves. Financial advisors may sit in on the consultations with their clients approval, but we are extremely cautious about the privacy of our clients and their student loan portfolios. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

We also offer customized educational debt management training for financial advisors, covering topics such as Income Driven Repayment plans and their forgiveness provisions, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, federal consolidation, refinancing with private lenders, and free resources that may prove useful for you and your clients.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact PGPresents at or 877.201.6162.

Once again, thanks for your interest in PGPresents.