Independent Student Loan Consulting

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PG On-Call®
Our Marquee Service

PG On-Call is the most personalized consultation service offered in the country, providing not only a lengthy initial phone consultation and online help with repayment calculations, but a detailed and personalized written summary and plan within 48 hours of the consultation, extensive support materials, proactive follow-up, and perhaps most important, extensive ongoing support at absolutely no additional charge.

It’s trademarked, and there is simply nothing else like it.

See Help for Medical Residents and Fellows or Help for Non-Medical School Graduates for more information on how to sign up and schedule your consultation.

“Paul was so helpful before I started residency, then four years later, when I was about to start my first job, he was readily available again and helped me navigate my repayment options. It was as if our conversation four years ago just picked up right where we left off. Using PGPresents has been such a great help for me.”

Ruth Yemane, M.D.
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Tulane University School of Medicine, Class of 2010